Details and garden breaks

A very nice white lily that was given to me. Nice that the squirrels left the bulbs alone!
I have started doing the details on the Fatsia piece. It is very intense work, lots of stitching, LOTS of thread colour changes. I am finding I need a break every twenty minutes or so. At this rate, I will still be working on this at Christmas!
-a blue petunia fix before tackling the thread painting

Look what I found in the Celsiana rose bush! I thought it was waiting to be hatched, but, alas, it was broken :-(

Slightly fuzzy shot because I CANNOT hold still! This is metallic thread making the shiny bit on the rolled up Fatsia leaf. I should post a proper leaf. They are FABULOUS!
Finished the leaf  so out to the garden again!!
Huge hemerocallis Chicago Atlas

...and the white lily again

...and a surfinia petunia . They are NOT thriving here in our garden this year. Planted too late, I expect.
OK, back to the details. I have begun working on the berry centres now. LOTSA work!
The big stem that carries the berries

My favourite berry

Coming right along but I have to stop and make dinner now so....
One last look . This is hydrangea Endless Summer.I LOVE this one.
So, a slowly productive afternoon. Is it nap time now??


  1. Lovely. That's my favorite berry, too. What a great job you are doing! Endless summer! Not appreciating it today as I'm working in a sweat shop! phew

  2. Carolynn I love every single line of your stitching - it is beautiful. LOTSA doesn't matter for this result!