Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finally finished

Last night, I put the binding on the View From Clingman's Dome! No longer a WIP!! Yay! On the whole, I am pleased with it although the fabrics I had to work with did not give me the luminosity I was wanting. The limitations of commercial fabrics kind of held me down , however, if I had more time , I could likely have found better ones.
As you can see , the photo is a wee bit over exposed . The sun through the front window was wicked this morning!

And now, for the people who like to see the stitches.....
Invisible thread used here to quilt the sky.

The quilting on the mid ground trees is very random and I only stitched near the tops of the trees. All I wanted was a bit of relief and interest and texture, not detail.
Doing the grasses in the foreground is really fun! I love machine quilting and thread painting.
Finished at last and ready to start a more colourful and fanciful one now. As I do it, I will post a clearer description of the actual steps in the applique process - for turned applique.

I am posting the finished product on WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network. A new WIP is in progress but it is VERY WIP just now so not much to show.

Look a   needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.ca  Lots of interesting things to see and to read about there. Come and join us!


  1. See! It did turn out great! I like that grass and the trees are outstanding. ;^)

  2. Yup, I knew it would turn out great!! Did you say how large it is?

  3. Oh, just great! Love the dead trees still standing.

  4. I think it is lovely. I think I must add this to my list of things to try. Thank you for the instructions.

  5. Feels good to finish, doesn't it? It turned out really nice. Will you be hanging it now?

  6. That piece is wonderful..I love that you are so relaxed doing this.

  7. Beautiful piece of work , well done!!

  8. It's quite beautiful! I'm curious about all those grasses. Are they all individually cut, fused and then free motion stitched? They're lovely! The blues look great to me too.

  9. Beautiful! I'm sure it must be stunning in real life!