Glass Inchies !!!!!

A badly drawn drinking glass

Glass is transparent- see!

Shades of the Lady of Shallot- the looking glass cracked from side to side! ( Does anyone else think this should not be spelled like an onion? I thought when I learned it, it was Chaillot???)
Holy smokes! Whose idea was THIS ? Sorry for a sort of lame excuse for a couple of inchies. I have had a busy week! Maybe next week I will be inspired .


  1. Nice glasses.

    I vaguely remember being told something about Chaillot but Tennyson (Tennyson? let me just check that..... yep. Tennyson.) having to change it so it would rhyme with Camelot.

    Isn't it amazing what the brain contains? I can hear my old English teacher in the back of my mind: "On either side the river lie, close fields of barley and of rye....."

  2. You missed eye glasses. ;-) I don't know how you manage more than one a week. Keep at it, more than half way done.

  3. Again more than one inchie! Love your first one most.