The View from Clingman's Dome

Several years ago, our daughter took us on a little tour of the Smoky Mountains, close to where she lives. It was cold up there and a tiny bit of snow lay on the ground in spots. I was very excited about the long vistas and took many photos. The receding hills fading into the distance absolutely enchanted me . This is one of my favourite shots. I love the contrast between the soft, delicate colours in the background and the raggedy weeds in the foreground against the stark skeletons of dead conifers.

I need a new landscape to use as a sample for a Landscape class I hope I will be teaching in the fall. This will be the project so I thought I would show you the process I use over several posts. This will be a combination of turned , stitched edge applique and fused. Hope you enjoy it!
Here , I have drawn my pattern on freezer paper and I have made a duplicate pattern to give to the printer for my class.As you see, it is very basic- not a lot of detail.

I will take the bottom off this big piece of paper and use it to make my pattern for the middle ground silhouette of the evergreens

There we are, all traced from my original drawing, note added to add 2.5 inches to that pattern piece .

The next step will be to number the pieces and choose fabrics. Watch this space!

               I am going to post this to The Needle and Thread Network , WIP Wednesday .     


  1. I'm definitely interested in your process. It is gonna be good!

  2. Yes I think I'm using a similar process in a project that I'm working on. Very cool photo too.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your process too!

  4. Thank you for a very interesting post. I will have to start a project like that .......