Solomon's Seal

I have had two pieces burning in my brain since our return from Britain. I have finished the Fatsia Japonica and am well on the way to completing the Solomon's Seal one. The photo I am working on was taken in our garden just before we left for the UK and just as the little dangly flowers were about to open. I LOVE this plant. It is a variegated one too so it is extra pretty. To date, even with the drought and the heat, it has never flagged and , surprisingly, the earwigs have not attacked it so the foliage is still pristine.

The Photo I am working from

My Freezer paper drawing traced from my pattern.I drew the pattern, then had it enlarged and printed by my favourite print shop.

The photo, the drawing and the hand dyed fabrics, oh my!

My muslin backing with the pattern traced trough from the printed pattern. All ready to begin !

The first few background bits applied.

A bit more progress

That big leaf has the surface on now so the lighter veins show

One more big veiny leaf

The first pair of little white buds. Solomon's Seal flowers are always in pairs!

...and the story, so far. Second pair of buds.

I dyed all of the fabrics I am using for this piece too. Now that I have opened this Pandora's Box again, I may never return to store bought fabrics! Seriously, I likely will as I have tons to use up but I am loving creating bespoke fabrics as I go.

Later today, I shall post this to Look at the rest of the posts as well. It is an interesting group of artists of all sorts from all across Canada. The section it will be linked to is WIP Wednesday. Enjoy!


  1. gracious! Now I need to go have a look at my Solomon's Seal. vbsigh The buds are long gone. maybe next year. lol

  2. beautiful! I love seeing how you layer up the fabrics and end up with such wonderful details. Your hand dyed fabrics are just gorgeous, too

  3. And I love the whole photographed process.Did you layer all the thin stripes each one extra? I love all these greens. Glad I came to have a look!

  4. Wow...just beautiful. I love that you show photos of your progress.

  5. I am completely in awe of the whole process! It is magnificent!

  6. Your work is breathtaking - I'd be ecstatic just to be able to grow them, never mind draw or copy them in fabric.

  7. Beautiful! Love seeing all your steps in creating from plant to photo to quilt!