Dolls- some original, some from patterns, all great fun to make!

My own Alice - with her second head and I am still not happy with it. We had a beheading last summer- grisly affair!

LOVED making these little leather shoes for Danielle-

Danielle, a pattern by Barbara Willis. Tres elegant , no?

My wee elf man. He does get about when you turn your back!

Love this little fellow. Painting the Roses Red- my own creation.

And another of my own, a fairy inspired by The Stratford(ON) Festival production of Iolanthe which had the fairies dressed as tarty Victorian Dance Hall Girls!

Still bootless Knave of Hearts. Guess who stole the tarts?

My first doll, Julie McCullough's pattern for the Mad Hatter. I gave him the armful of disembodied heads and call this picture" so hard to get ahead these days!" I was in a sillier than usual mood :-)

The Tweedle Twins. Took me a couple of runs befor I made what I wanted but I got them in the end.

Pretty gormless, eh!

The White Rabbit in his fuzzy bunny slippers which have pink bunny toes on the soles. His ears are droopy now so I have to fix him up.

The original Tweedles but I made them too small so I gave them fishing gear and a whole new can of worms!

Allison Marano's pattern for Henley, the House Elf. I used Deer Suede fabric- nice when you want lots of deep creases.

Allison's pattern but I added the divine bellybutton on Henley's tum! Some folks may with to avert their eyes!
I do like designing my own patterns for my dolls but some of the commercial patterns are TO DIE FOR!! The Frowning Francis ones REALLY tickle my fancy and I hope to do a couple more of the Steampunk ones. Check them out! These little souls live in our daughter's now deserted room and we do wonder what they get up to when the lights go out!

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  1. Delightful! I've made one and enjoyed it and collected stuff for more. Perhaps I'll find a 'round tuit! lol

  2. What fun. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. These are just amazing!! Each one has such character.

  4. what amazing dolls - so much detail and personality! So nice to get to know you better - great feature on TN&TN

  5. All your dolls are wonderful but I absolutely love your take on the Mad Hatter! My kind of humour!

  6. wow,thats so wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!your blog is sooooo great. i hope you now me....
    hugs from manu