Not an easy task!

Well, I have bitten off a big mouthful this time. It looks very disorganized at the moment but I am working very slowly and will get it! It WILL be finished to my satisfaction.

I have all of the substrate in place. Sadly, the first few pieces were turned edge, sewn in place and they look wrinkly compared to the fused pieces but when ironed and not moved around, they DO lie flat . It is just frustrating when I am displacing it all the time . Not to worry!

Well, don't be shocked! Here is the quilt top so far. The colours are not exactly true. They are a bit chalkier in real life.
There! That's a bit better. I have just taken a new pic smoothed out and hung up so it makes a tad more sense to the casual viewer.

Here it is with the pattern pieces as I cut them apart for details

Do you find it making ANY sense at all? I do, but then, I am its Mummy!

You  see what I mean about the wrinkles. They DO go away when they are nicely ironed. L O N G way to go yet! Bear with me . OH, and wish me luck- LOTS of luck!


  1. is going to be beautiful when it's the colours you're using.

  2. Well, no. Not a lot of sense but I have faith in your abilities. I'm bearing and wishing! lol

  3. I love the colours and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I just don't have the patience for this kind of project. I think you do really well with them.

  4. I'm simply speechless with admiration - and wishing you lots of luck. It's in the "broken egg stage" which will lead to beauty ...
    and apparently I'm not speechless, but still very admiring!

  5. Don't worry - it will be another wonderful piece. I love all those colours..