This is the photo I am hoping to tackle next , as soon as I have gotten my computer up and running happily. So far, so good. It is lovely and I THINK I am in love! Not sure if this post will work as I am doing it on my iPad as the Mac updates its OS and iPhoto. Stay tuned!

This photo will definitely be a challenge but I LOVE the colours! It sings "SPRING" to me very gently! I plan on using all hand dyes with organza overlays and lots of interesting quilting. The pattern is drawn, enlarged and printed so it is all up to me now

Ok, let us try to post this. Fingers crossed! 


  1. It is very beautiful and will be lovely with organza overlays.

  2. I too love the colors. It would be a good one to practice doing watercolors. I'm not very good with watercolor painting. But I love their look.

  3. Organza -- definitely. This piece will be a beauty!