Accessory Inchies

Back from the edge of the abyss. I am here once again on Every Inchie Monday. Sorry for the sporadic participation. It would be a huge yawn for me to relate my reasons for my absence but all that aside, I DID make some Inchies today.

The word for this week was ACCESSORY. We all love them, don't we ladies :-)
Makes me think of my glamourous Mum . She has always done scarves SO well. Still does at the tender age of 92!

Believe it or not, I used to wear hats! I actually used to wear them rather well. The only ones I would be caught dead in now are my silly sun hat in summer and my multi layered fleece one in winter. NO PICTURES!

I still wear earrings though. 

... and I carry a purse- but I carry a REAL purse - filled with everything, camera, iPod, iPad etc etc etc. Now ask me about my sore neck!

I am posting these Inchies on
Have a look at the rest of the Accessory Inchies there. Enjoy:-)


  1. I think I'll have the earrings and the scarf - but the hat's a bit over the top for me - and I'd never get all my junk into that tiny clutch bag!

  2. Love these! I'm all thumbs with scarves, but enjoy wearing them on occasion, and long to do hats justice...

    You forgot the gloves! ;-)

  3. Love your accessories. I missing the sunglases ;-)

  4. Fun! About the hat! I am laughing. I feel too much dressed up in a hat - and I own only one. But, helas, in summer there is no help without a hat, and when sun is shining even in winter I think it practical to wear a cap. Your accessories are alltogether lovely.