Soldiering on!

I am having a nasty TMJ attack today! I am in a lot of pain and cannot open my mouth very well ( DH is probably happy!- not really. He is VERY sympathetic.)I THINK it may be because of the 85% Lindt Chocolate I eat daily as "medicine"- just 1-2 squares. It is VERY hard and my poor old jaw is protesting - loudly. Gotta be more careful.

I am working away on this big thing and realized that I have not posted a picture for a long time. It is getting heavy and complex now and I may be changing my mind about how to handle it. I WILL finish this layer as planned though. It ain't over till it's over- and it ain't over !

I am not likely in a good enough frame of mind to be doing this but I am determined to finish it asap. Remember, you heard it here first! Enough dawdling, here it is to date... I am about two thirds of the way across the piece from left to right You can see what has not been layered yet- the right hand side and the bottom edge. As I said earlier, soldiering on!


  1. Just go on when you feel like it. Somebody told me: "What you are finishing in a hurry in the evening you are certainly undoing the nex morning". - Not you!!! Your shades of colours are beautiful.