Still figuring it all out

I have been playing about with this new computer and all of its bells and whistles. As a result of that and the fact that I seem a tad obsessed about housework at the moment, I have done no work on my quilt. My mind is a little puddle somehow but I am making progress and am playing with iPhoto and Photoshop. That is a nice quiet diversion for my scrambled brain. Look what I came across!!
Remember spring and summer?

I LOVE hollyhocks! I used to make dollies from the blooms when I was little:-)

One of my pretty iris sibirica. Love these too!
I have been pulling a few pictures onto the new machine so I have something to play with in Photoshop. Found all sorts of nice things.

I HOPE to soon show some progress on the new quilt but I HAD to do some housework today. Those dust bunnies are HARES in this house- well, not so much now, but they were! Parts of the house are looking a tad tidier. Now, I think I will go out for a wee walk before dinner. Enjoy the flowers and remember the good times!

REMEMBER TO PUT THE CLOCKS BACK AN HOUR TONIGHT! Pray for us please. Our antique clocks require fancy footwork at this time of the year.

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  1. This is fun, Carolynn, to play around with photoshop. Your pictures are beautiful.