Friday, 29 June 2012

Ready to stitch

It has come down to the wire now with this little piece. By the way, it is17.5 inches by 20 inches as it stands at the moment. I will be making a practice piece to try my new needles and new threads before I work on the quilt top.There is tearaway stabilizer as well as a lot of layers of Wonder Under and , of course, the cotton fabrics to get through. Eventually, once I have done some thread painting, I will add the batting and backing and actually quilt it too but for now it will be all edge stitched with invisible thread , then some thread painting. It is going to be a HOT Canada Day weekend ( and our 46th anniversary on the first too) so I shall be indoors , sewing merrily and staying cool.
This is what I will be working with. You can see that I have altered the top left corner a little and am ready to sew. Good luck to me !


  1. I réálly like what you did with the self deyed centeres of those berries !!!!!!
    I'll keep an eye on the progress !
    Btw : stay cool ;-)

  2. so beautiful already, it must take courage, wisdom and lots of experience to know how to begin to stitch. Will watch with great interest :-)

  3. it is looking fabulous - I can't wait to see your progress on it. Lucky you having warm (okay - hot!) weather - our July 1 celebrations will be in the rain - again! Happy anniversary!

  4. From me also: Good luck - you will have it and make something wonderful. I love it as it is already....