Animal Inchies

What is it that attracts and holds our attention with any animal, even the human animal? For me, it is the eyes! Once you have looked a tiger in the eye...Remember looking into the eyes of your first true love? Eyes show the character of any animal. Here are a few ...
The little AyeAye is ALL eyes! Nocturnal by nature, they HAVE to be all eyes!

Big cats, Lion, Tiger, Leopard etc are ever vigilant and seem to see and to know everything.

A fish is a strange fellow. No real character seems to show through his baleful , inscrutable stare.

Frogs are vigilant too but they are enigmatic and do not look too friendly generally.

Owl eyes are some of my favourite. Partially hidden by fluffy feathers, they observe in great detail ,by day , or especially by night! Owl eyes suggest strength of character and great wisdom to me.

Oh, nobody loves the Rhinoceros much. If you ask the reason why? They'll say it's because of their scaly touch, or their hard and glittering eye! Not THIS Rhino. He just looks sad and lonely, no sparkle in his eye- and besdies that, he has to contend with that Bodger on his Bonce! 


  1. Oh WOW! Such a lot of eyes and so good. The cat's eye is fantastic. Great expansion and take on the theme. My mind's like sludge right now. Too many things coming up -- eye surgery, which I'm actually very pleased about but has a lot of details for preparation and post op. I'm not good with anticipation -- just want to get on with it.

  2. These are marvellous. Well done on all of them. (Like the Aye Aye best I think)

  3. Great take on the theme. I can't choose a favourite. They are all really, really good.