Veil Inchies

I am still not up to speed here somehow! Must be old age creeping ( or sprinting) up! I find myself overwhelmed by all I have to catch up with but maybe I am just NOT going to catch up, but rather, start where I am and carry on : -) I think THAT will be my plan.

I have done four lame-ish VEIL inchies this week- unusually late , but it has been a hard weekend. That most tenuous , mysterious of all veils was parted suddenly in our family over the weekend when we lost a dear family member. The little Inchie with the watery sunset behind a waving veil is to represent that delicate veil that exists between life - and Eternity.
Sadly, the daily news keeps us abreast of stories where we see this particular veil

On a MUCH cheerier note!

And last but certainly not least, is that very heavy veil employed by governments, law enforcement agencies, manufacturers and such- THE VEIL OF SECRECY! I KNOW it is important, but.....

Alright, folks, that is the best I can do today and sorry it is now Every Inchie TUESDAY!


  1. Sorry to hear your news. We'd have understood if you hadn't done this week's inchies. Although I find it sometimes helps to do art when I've had a bad time.

    Take care.

  2. No need to apologise for any of those RT. They are all great veil inchies and the first one certainly the most meaningful.

    I, too , need to catch up, after vacation and cataract surgery. It won't happen soon - but it will happen (the catching up, I mean!)

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Yes being busy with art can be very therapeutic. Hope all is well. arlene