The Fatsia project

On we go, slowly but surely. I REALLY am rusty but am getting back into the groove. This was a crazy thing to start with but I WANT to do it so much!!

Here is my initial drawing transferred from my pattern to a sheet of tearaway stabilizer. Everything will be attached to this and it will keep things nice and wrinkle free as I do some thread painting eventually.
The  background of multi green hand dyed fabric is in place and the big stem holding the main berries has been fused in place.
Now the fun begins! I am now working my way through the many many berries and the remaining details. LONG way to go yet but, so far, so good. 
The next step will be the centres of a few of the berries in the top left cluster and then I will go to the top right ones. Once they are done, I will check for any other things that I want in the background before I tackle the big bunch of fruit in the foreground.Once the berries in the big bunch are fused down, I will not be able to slip any background bits behind them so I want all that stuff down first.

The house is a disaster area because this is VERY complicated and I have not gotten back into a routine yet. Little bits of paper, Wonder Under, freezer paper and fabric are everywhere! Do I care? Well, yes and no- ya know!It will all get cleaned up and things MAY get back to normal some time . Stay tuned for further developments. My back is tired now and my brain hurts. May be done for today. We'll see!

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  1. It is going to be lovely. Thanks for sharing your process. It is enlightening and well, encouraging when you see it broken down. Someday!