I really AM still here!

These really DO relax me ...

...and they are doing wonders for my right hand...

I am regaining the great control I once had...

...before I had some minor surgery on that hand.

Almost every day while we were away in the UK...

I Zentangled and drew little bits of stuff..

..and Zentangled :-)

The coloured bit on this one is done with Caran d'Ache water soluble wax pastels! More on those in a later post.

This one was done on our flight to England on 01 May. Bit bumpy here and there but it helped pass the time while I could not sleep!

One of the "white lilies" (actually narcissus poeticus) that seem to grow wild everywhere in Kintyre. Fabulous fragrance too. I had some in the garden, but they have disappeared ;-(
And, I have been working. I have not done Inchies :-(. I am working on a couple of new pieces and have been dyeing all afternoon. AND, I have been doing lots of doodles, Zentangles, whatever you want to call them. I did at least one almost every day we were away including the flights over and back, bumpy rides and all. I have been at it every day since we got home too with a few exceptions. It has been a hard time to get any serious work going under the current circumstances but I hope you enjoy these.


  1. I've been doing some of these too. I like some of your patterns. Fun to do. I just call them Tangles because I'm not into zen.

  2. I am smitten with your Zentangles - I will look at them in quiet at home (I am at the cafe where we make internet).

  3. I think I need to look into these. I used to do something similar years ago (before I ever heard of Zen). I think I need to open up some of the creative side of my brain and these might help.

  4. I picked up your comment over on Nadia's blog about zentangles (never heard of them before so will go and google them in a minute)but I love your blog and your opening piece of work is amazing!