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The beginning of the Fatsia Japonica piece

This gorgeous shrub of almost tree sized proportions grows in a tiny, lovely garden in Leigh, Lancashire, belonging to my third or fourth cousin, Lorraine. (I will need to sort the relationship carefully) I absolutely fell in love with the whole bush- big, palmate glossy leaves and stunning fruits about the size of a marrowfat pea .The berries were ripening at different speeds so there was a glorious spectrum from pale creamy olivey green through brilliant limes and into reddish purples ending up with fully ripened fruits of inky blue black. Maybe I am mad to tackle this but I REALLY want to do it. I have dyed some cotton in various variegated colours and have finished the initial drawings,printed and enlarged the pattern and have traced that onto freezer paper. Almost lunch time now so I shall eat and then - begin! I have been staring at my enlarged photo and the pattern and picturing it done in my mind. Stay tuned and we will see how crazy I really am !


  1. Oh that's a challenge. I look forward to watching your progress.

  2. Wow! It'll be gorgeous for sure!