The continuing saga of the Fatsia Japonica

You know, the worst problem I have with a camera, is holding myself AND the camera still enough to get a good shot! Occasionally, I DO manage but not often enough. And why do I not use a tripod then, I hear you ask??? Well, because I am a lazy toad, a veritable slug at times.

I have been photographing the Fatsia project and it appears to be VERY crooked. It IS slightly crooked, but not as much as it seems in the picture. My angle, the camera angle and the board's angle all added up to a crooked looking piece of work in progress. Do NOT be alarmed! It will be fine and dandy and maybe next time, I will have the smarts to get it all lined up nicely BEFORE I shoot the pics and edit them ;-)

Now, drum roll please.....
You see what I mean! Apart from the little blosson end bits on the top right berries, I am ready to study the background now and decide what needs adding, if anything, then start on the big fruit in the foreground.
I have been staring at those blossom end bits on the big foreground fruit , trying to decide how best to capture the feeling and I came up with Shibori! Never done it before and I may not have done it according to Hoyle, but who needs him! I did it, results to follow, but may have erred a bit on the side of over-watering-down the dye colours. Time will tell but I DO like the effect! What do you think?
I like this ! Very cool shapes and the white on white is pretty nice!

Here is the whole ribbon dyed and being untied. What a job! I sewed the thread rather than just wrapping. Never do simply what you COULD make much more complex!

Results! Too pale? We shall see. It is pretty though and I SHALL use it for something, if not the Fatsia.

more of the ribbon- it is about two inches wide

- and more...

And the whole piece!
Well, experiments over, time to get busy now. This was great fun and my fingers are SO pretty now!( actually not bad, just a tad purplish . Fingernails not really affected!) OK, I am off to work at step... the next........


  1. Wow ! love your "berry-centers" (at least that's what I think they are ;-) ....)
    I only saw/heard of Fatsia Japonica as a houseplant ! Never ever saw berries on one !

    (rolled a bit down to your wonderful zentangles and the inchy-eyes ! I've been a bit "busy" lately and not a lot on the net ....)

  2. I looked it up ar Wikipedia and I think your colours are perfect. I like the dyed band.

  3. It's coming on really well. Lovely.