Happy Anniversary!!!

Fifty years ago today I met my husband for the very first time : ) We were both at Teachers' College and were teaching one of our first "Unit Lessons". We were in a grade one class and Bruce taught Hallowe'en Safety. I cannot even remember what I was teaching- and I WAS paying attention. It is just that fifty years is a long time. I DO remember being VERY nervous.Anyway, it has been a great fifty years and we reckon we will go for another fifty!

This huge pumpkin on the left is called  a Fairy Tale pumpkin. Think Cinderella's coach. I was entranced last year and bought it thinking it would make a great Jack'o'lantern. Think again !!! The flesh was about five inches thick. It eventually just sat looking pretty until it did not look pretty any more.

Well, time to get dressed, shop for treats for the goblins and we are going for a treat ourselves today: ) I think we may hit Tim's for something naughty because it is only once in fifty years! Happy Hallowe'en all!

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