Lots of experimentation

 This piece is not finished here but the sky and hills have been pieced, the water in the foreground, handpainted and the smaller details, fused.

This series of pieces was inspired by Luminous Landscapes, a lovely little book by Australian quilter, Gloria Loughman. Her work is lovely and her books are VERY informative. Thank you Gloria!
 This piece and the one underneath are exactly the same but the finished one has an extra border added with the picture spilling out into the border. A dandy idea for sure, but I SHOULD have planned it ahead!! In the end, it was an afterthought so matching shapes, coours and fabrics was a bit of a problem. Turned out fine in the end though : )

This picture is a little out of focus but the idea here was to make a sort of mosaic sky. It is easy to do and surprising what colours and patterns you can get away with. When it is at the top of a landscape picture, it is the sky!!

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