Glory in the simple things and give Thanks

On my walk this morning , I found this exquisite little tendril of a wild grapevene, yet another bit of roadside sculpture.

The morning dew sparkled all over this perfect spider's web almost hidden from public view. They are such nasty things  but so very elegant in their construction - and all God's children gotta eat!

There is a lot of lovely colour in our garden . Sadly, the maple colour does not show well in this photo but this particular coleus is certainly proud of herself, flaunting crimson ruffles in several spots around the house.

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection for me . I think of how very fortunate I am to have so much beauty all around me. I have a loving family , albeit a widespread one : ( I enjoy good health , good fortune and I thank God regularly for all of that. Hopefully I can bring a little beauty into the lives of others .

We shall have a lovely Thanksgiving I know. We will share it with my Mum who is a pretty spry 91 year old. For her, I am VERY thankful! Our absent daughter will celebrate American Thanksgiving but we will remember how very VERY fortunate we are to have her and her dear husband and we shall have them with us in spirit at least.  We wish everyone a lovely Thanksgiving 2011 filled with all good things. Enjoy!

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