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I have stared at my photos of Patchen Cemetery on the wild west coast of Kintyre for a long time , trying to decide what to do with them. Patchen is an ancient cemetery right on the sea cliff with the North Atlantic at its feet. It is said that some of the unmarked lumps in the back corner of the cemetery are graves of drowned sailors whose bodies washed ashore following storms . Some graves are new but many have barely legible inscriptions and a number of souls related to my husband's family are buried there. Standing in front of those gravestones transports us back to the day when his ancestors would have stood on that same spot mourning the loss of a loved one. Being inside the enclosure at Patchen is like being inside a time machine! The big towers that face the highway are part of the enclosure where generations of MacAlisters, the local lairds, are buried.

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  1. This tombsone is so beautiful -the inscription is lovely.