Would you believe...

I DID manage to get a little sunprint yesterday after all.Because it was so windy, the leaves on top of the fabric blew about somewhat so some edges are not crisp but when I get the photo posted, you will see that, although it is an unspectacular example, the process DID work. It was cold, windy and not sunny at all except for a very few minutes.The UV is always there even though it is not very strong. So, in answer to the question, " yes, Virginia, one CAN sunprint with Setacolor in the winter months". Just tie your pretties down well and be patient. I think if I had pinned some laces on instead of leaves, it might have been more successful under the circumstances.

So, here they are ! I added these once they had been edited. You can see that it DID work but it is not gorgeous. Less wind might have helped, but  at least it did actually "print".

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