More Plane talking

 The rain on the Plane stays mainly ... on the bark, altering the colours dramatically . Who knew that Plane bark had PURPLE in it??
I took more pictures of by brother's Plane tree bark in the rain yesterday. The colours were very much more intense so they will be added to the mix when I make my little series of pieces based on these pictures.

I had a lovely experience yesterday. I was invited to share in a fibre art bonanza by a VERY generous woman . We enjoyed a cuppa and shared many bags of gorgeous yarns and fabrics all given to her by an equally generous woman. No time to play at the moment but very soon I shall be experimenting with these.

Right now, I am working on Patchen . It is coming along nicely but not much to look at yet. I am making it all in quiet misty colours , faded and hard to see. Patchen is full of ancient gravestones which are hard to read commemorating  ancestors all long gone. As history fades lives,making details difficult to discover, so I HOPE this little quilt will have an air of distance, time and mystery . The sheep in the foreground should snap us back to this century! Pictures will follow soon.

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