A little surprise!!!

I have three siblings- two sisters and a brother. I am the eldest (VERY elderly!) then my first sister is eight years younger than I, then another sis four years later and finally, my "baby" brother, four years after this! Anyway, it is my first sister I am on about today. She now lives in Mahone Bay, NS and while she has been there, she has taken up rug hooking - with a vengeance! I knew she'd been doing it but have never seen much of her work - so I asked for photos. Holy Moly! She's amazing!!! I always knew that but this confirms it. I will share what she sent me ( with her permission) and will add to this post later when I find a couple of other shots.

Enjoy and stay tuned! There's more to come!!


  1. They are all lovely. That first one is a hoot. You can just picture the characters in person. Are the hat ladies friends or the three of you sisters? One day I would like to hook.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, your sister, this one, is really amazing. (But no wonder with an elder sister like you - talented family) —- Rug hooking - lovely work. I love the ladies and I am admiring the fine detailed work. And what a delight to know something more about your family❤️.