Loose Woman??... not quite!

You have , no doubt heard of Loose Women ? Well, I aspire to become one :-) I am aiming in the right direction- I THINK, at last. At the moment, I might better be described as a Loosening Woman!

Relax, folks!!! We are talking painting techniques. I have always been a VERY controlled painter and drawer- see my earlier post, "A Little blast from the past- the distant past". I have been reading, watching videos, practising and getting all fired up and inspired and yesterday, FINALLY began to see the beginnings of a loose style. Yay, me. Now, I am NOT calling this high art- not even art, but I do see a loosening and hope VERY much, to see more. Here is the result... the first and the second.
The bigger one was the first- WAY too much messing about. The smaller was done today and it is MUCH looser- more what I am aiming for. I could do more with the little one but as it is NOT very sizeable, I think I will just leave it and try the same idea again, larger and when I am wider awake.

I work hard at whatever I do and this will be no different. I have no guarantee that I'll succeed but I SHALL work at it and I SHALL be aiming to win! My Valentine's Day roses are still looking wonderful so before they drop all over the table, I should draw a couple of them for practice. Can't do that tonight though as Canada is playing GB in Womens' curling. Our girls REALLY need a win.

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