Looser and Looser!!

Last night , I started painting a rose, based on the lessons from Atmospheric Watercolours and inspired by my fading Valentines Day Roses-- and THIS is where I finished up...
Amateur, fiddly, too much "detail" - just NOT what I am after but at least better than the first try.

Today, I had some time to myself and decided to try again. I restudied, reread and then WENT for it!

MUCH looser. Still pretty primitive but I DID manage to STOP  in time so it is just an IMPRESSION of roses.

Then, I got wild and crazy and tried a potted primula. 
I am FAIRLY pleased with the direction this is going but I am NOT relaxed at all. I find myself VERY uptight and ended up with a headache, Not to worry. I believe you will never  achieve any degree of excellence until you have put in your 10,000 hours of practice! I MAY have chalked up TEN hours so far. I hope I live long enough to get the rest in !!

On a more mundane level, I am also working on colour charts, mixing colours and paint outs of various colours. I am being stingy with my paint as I have had to start again from scratch so don't want to have to buy TOO much more just yet.

My paintbox so far
Some really messy paint outs
Some mixing charts
This is fun and a good reminder of what mixes with what and what is just NASTY! I actually don't find ANY colour to be nasty. Anyway, just what I have been up to recently. Stay tuned for more AMAZING revelations- HA HA!!!


  1. Love watching you loosen up! I too have a penchant for control...but in my early studies re: art quilting (and art in general) I had the blessing of 2 years of 'beginner' lessons with Sharon Lynn Williams...who is very skilled at "loose". I refer you to her website...for further inspiration! :-) http://www.sharonlynnwilliams.com/

    1. Thanks Margaret! And thanks, too, for the very interesting link. Yours is likely a MUCH more efficient way to learn but I AM making progress on my own. That said, I do get GREAT inspiration from the work of others. SOMEWHERE in the mix, there is a combo of styles and techniques that will eventually be the "New Me"! The old one doesn't have a steady enough hand to work like the OLD me!

  2. I love your roses Carolynn! I love the colour charts too - I have a sketch book solely for creating colour charts for my personal reference.