A little bit of everything!!!

Valentine's Day roses- from my SISTER!!!

Aren't they lovely!!! They got touched by frost a bit unfortunately but they are just STUNNING- creamy white, pale pink edges and touches of soft limey green. I just LOVE them! I am hoping to get some face-on shots of them to use as a guide for some painting. My DH never thinks of things like this but Shelley, like me, is a romantic and saw these, fell in love with them and got me a bunch!! LOVELY- the roses AND the SISTER!!! She is a Rug Hooker and I am trying to get her to send me some pics of her work. I wish I could talk her into a joint show!!! We'll see :-)

I have finally finished Bug Lunch and The Beech Leaves except for the labels and this shot represents my proposed submission to the upcoming Fibre Content show.  Hope the jury likes me! The centre piece was made a while ago but has never been in a show and fits the time constraints, so... It is Berberis berries on bare winter twigs.
Not a great picture. It is from my phone in the bad light in the dining room!
AND, all afternoon, I have been playing with with my paints and brushes doing colour studies- well, STARTING to do it. I need to work on a much larger piece of paper for a big chart and then get a new watercolour sketchbook to make more intense studies.
Pretty sloppy but I was working on a small piece of paper so the wet colours ran into each other sometimes. I need a bigger piece so I can leave little spaces between colours. I really DO love playing with colour. I'll flatten this curly bit of paper and it will go into the sketchbook.
So, you see, I am "cookin' again"! Feels good but I am still not relaxed enough to REALLY enjoy it. It will come for sure. I need to do some more Zentangles. They are good for concentration, control and confidence building- at least for me. I hope YOU have all been gainfully employed this week. I'll post this now and maybe have something cooler for tomorrow!

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  1. Ah...what lovely roses! And your pieces are sure to catch the eye of the jurors for Fibre Content. All the best!