Trial and Error and a quilt show

The Quilt Show opened on Sunday last with a lovely day and a nice, pretty informed crowd. I was pleased apart from the fact that I thought my part of the show looked sparse . This was because-A- I gave them two lots of work with two different subjects so it was hard to mix them , and -B- my work is NOT large so there was lots of space between pieces. No one by myself seemed to mind.
Don't worry! There WERE four walls and more work but this was what you walked in on when you came through the door.
Since I got home, I have been a tired old bag but today, at last, I started work on the quilting of the little Milkweed piece. THAT is the Trial and Error part. I have been auditioning battings and metallic threads-
Unfortunately, it is such a scuzzy day here that the colours don't really show. 

The left hand end is the right batting, Quilter's Dream cotton. 
The threads I am trying are all Superior metallics, variegated gold, a light gold and two different silvers. As well, I tried out a plain medium grey as there are parts of the fluff that are not catching the sunlight so they look flat and grey. I wish you could see the colours better so you could pass judgement. However, I know what I want now and am liking what I am doing and the effect I am getting.
These three are very repetitious.

I gave you three to look at in case someone saw one or another better than the others.

Mostly, I am still at the "tie it all down " stage yet. 
We shall see how it goes from here. As I said before, if this 12" x 12" piece pleases me, I shall keep it for next year's SAQA Auction. It is a good dry run for the big one I want to do after I have done some fresh dyeing. I am VERY short on colour and value choices. Makes it hard to work!

Well, I have not had time to check out the yet this week. I will post this and I am anxious to see what everyone has been up to. Maybe if we ALL thought positively, we would get some sunshine back? Try it! 


  1. Cold nasty wind but I'm hopeful as the sun is now out. You are off to a good start!

  2. Well, it rained all day but I see you got something done. It's lookin' good.

  3. Well, I have nothing to complain about, here in the Fraser Valley (BC) it is definately spring! Even my peony is coming up nicely! When I click on a photo on your blog -- most any blog actually -- the photo is enlarged to full screen or close to and that works wonderfully to see the details of the pictures you are showing us! Sometimes almost too much, cause I can see the bottom stitches in one part poking up cause your tension is not quite right?! Not that I am being picky, just letting you know that your photos are clear, when the viewer clicks on one -- and you only have to do that once cause then you can view them like a slide show without going back to each picture on the blog then an "X" in top right takes you back to the blog...

  4. Yes, indeed, Carolyn, this is an awkward kind of hanging quilts in an exhibition. But anyway - again congratulations. They are looking beautiful - and about seeing your work in progress - I can enlarge wonderfully on my iPad and see every single stitch - and this is great. I am enjoying your progress. I am looking at every thread of yours.

  5. Mmm...makes me want to see your show! Your work looks luscious on those white walls!!