Ready to face the facing :-)

Well, it is done except for finishing the back and labelling.
Not sure which I think is the better colour.

Maybe the top one? Maybe take an average!
This was fun to work on but now I want to dye a dedicated piece for the background of the "real thing". I will pare the sides down and make it long and narrow- like Milkweed! I may even do a diptych or a triptych if I feel REALLY  crazy! Maybe three seasons? We shall see but definitely this one. I learned a LOT on this piece. It may end up being called Glorious Explosion. Right now it is still The Milkweed Project!

1- the metallic organza disintegrates when stitched over too much- heat transfer foil may be better

2- planning circular quilting ahead of time is good- I DID use a Chaco-liner which was a help and disappeared nicely. I was upset about the unevenness of the circles but in the end, I think I like it better than perfection. This is NOT drafting!

3- On the Real one I will be more careful with the placement of the bright patches of light. I had little choice here but when I dye my background, it will be better placed.

And, as I have not done it for a little while- Mr Personality!!!
Two months
                                         On that note- Cheerio for now! Happy quilting :-)


  1. cute and three season triptych sounds great!

  2. I like your "imperfect" circular quilting on this one, reflects nature appropriately, I think. And what a cutie-pie that guy is!

  3. Mr. Personality indeed.
    You mean this piece is not the real piece but a practice piece? I think it's lovely and can't wait to see what's next.

  4. I agree with KQ -- I often have to remind myself "it's a plant. It's nature; it's organic"…and I draw great comfort from that when I am inexact on a floral or landscape. :-)

    P.S. Mr. P definitely lives up to that moniker!

  5. Your milkweed is beautiful but the little man is gorgeous :)