All done but the facing- and a peek at a snazzy hat!

It is finished now except for the facing, sleeve and label. There is a LOT of stitching on this piece!
just some of the finished detail

and here

maybe the stitching shows better here?

You've seen these before but now they ARE finished. I hope the stitching shows.
This has been a long job somehow. It took so long to get back into the routine but I am ready to work now:-) I will spray this with fixative to preserve the pencil crayon touchups before I do the facing and sleeve.

And now, for something COMPLETELY different- a man with a new hat! ( Promised I would not do this too much - but I never said I would NEVER do it!)..

TA DA...........
Sorry folks, but you NEEDED to see this!
Who's a Happy Granny then???

I am posting this to the  Technically, none of this really qualifies as unfinished work, but .... Enjoy the other posts.


  1. That hat is the best! It just makes you want spring to get here.
    The art quilt is nice, too. :)

  2. Love the hat....he's all ready for sunshine.

    Your details are really wonderful too by the way:)

  3. We needed! The art just glows, as does the wee guy!

  4. what a little cutie!
    I love how your piece has turned out - that first picture looks so realistic - you are an amazing artist!

  5. It is a beautiful piece! The leaves really glow. I never thought of using fixative for colored pencils. I have used it for pastels.
    Love the hat too! What a cutie.

  6. Cute hat! Even cuter baby!

  7. Cute kiddo; cute hat. :-) Lovely piece. You quilt the background more densely than is my habit. Sometimes I wonder if I will be ill-judged because I don't like to quilt as densely. Is it a trend? Or a necessity?

  8. Your vineyard is incredible, but of course the baby eclipses it....

  9. I may just be able to get to Homer Watson this year - but when the weather is a bit better. So, when are going back to visit with little Oliver? Or will the family be coming up to Canada?