Separation- not of sheep and goats but of leaves and background!

This did NOT want to move to the spot where I intended to put it! Anyway, here is the piece close to finished but note wrinkles at top and bottom. THAT is why I love my intense quilting. REALLY sets the details off.
OK, girls! Remember the Cross Your Heat Bra? "Lifts and separates. Suddenly, you're shapelier!" Well, that is kind of the stage I am at on Wire Fence II right now. I have everything tied down with stitching. Leaves have a good basic amount of stitching done but now, I want to flatten my background and leave the leaves, post and fruit sitting proud so they really POP!

I have taken to quilting tightly, intensively in my backgrounds and am LOVING the effect! It kills my neck and makes me really weary but it is SO worth it - to me , anyway. I did it on Bruce's Favourite-

I did it on Wire Fence I-
And now I am working on Wire Fence II--
These are repetitive but you get the idea.

Sorry this one is so fuzzy 

So there you have it... This is the progress to date. I will get dressed now, start my laundry and then.... QUILT!

And I DID and the main quilting is now DONE! ( and so am I!!)

The whole half yard!

A couple of detail shots

There you go Folks, done for the day. Now, it is staring time again. The quilt will sit in the sitting room so that I see it every time I pass through the room and , in a blinding flash ( no doubt!) I shall see exactly what I need to do now. There is a bit of detail work burning in my brain so you may expect yet another post some day soon. Meantime, please excuse the fuzzy pics and enjoy the sharp ones. Pretty soon I will give you a break and not pester you with any more pics of this one. Bless you for your patience and your valued comments :-)


  1. oooh! Doesn't that give a whole new meaning to the shape of our quilts and the separation of art!!! lol

  2. Elle...LOL. It really does make the leaves stand out as you say. Fabulous.

  3. Love what the quilting does. Looks awesome

  4. Ha, don't know about that Bra, but love what you do to the berries and the leaves ;-)
    (and the background)

  5. I'm not sure I understand all the processes you use, because I'm not a quilter or a stitcher of any kind. But I'm fascinated by your reasoning and results. It is looking fabulous. I especially like how the fence post is slightly off kilter and adds reality to the whole. The colors and shades of color are so cool -- can't think of a better word!
    You are certainly achieving the effect you're looking for.

  6. Oh, great and a lot of quilting. And how well do I know such wrinkles - they really make the quilt! Greetinbgs from France.

  7. Yes, the background quilting is really effective in all your pieces. I was closely examining the gold and bronze leaves in the latest piece and trying to figure out if the veins were fused on top or inserted underneath mola style.
    It's really beautiful!

  8. Love this one very much. It is beautiful. Colorful and just all around great.