An Invitation and some Zentangling

Hello all . Finally got the invitation to the show at Homer Watson House and Gallery. I want to share it with you and to extend a most cordial invitation to anyone in the vicinity to drop by and see the show. It looks like there should be something for most every taste! Sadly, the photo is not too clear but if you ARE able to attend and need more info, please email me and I shall be happy to help you out! I may be able to get a better shot and if so, shall post it PDQ!

So now, DH has scanned this for me and I hope you are better able to read it!

I have been playing with Zentangle tiles - again- STILL, still trying to loosen up my silly right hand. I DO find Zentangling VERY calming and I have needed that recently. I try to do one or part of one almost every day.Hope you enjoy them :-)
Fun stuff:-)

And some more fun  stuff!

And one more bit of fun stuff!!!
I am posting this to the This is a different post for me . I am working slowly on Wire Fence II but it will soon be done. Hope you enjoy TNTN this week!


  1. Gorgeous zentangles--and of course you know I'll say that you should put them into fabric and stitch!
    best, nadia

  2. I LOVE Zentangles and yours are fabulous!! I agree with Nadia!! they deserve to be stitched!

  3. Your zentangles are incredible, they are on my to-learn list but my days are not long enough.