An oldie but a goody

A VERY elderly photo taken at Rideau Ferry ON, MANY years ago. I took a whole series.

I would bet that I took this photo 45 years ago. It was a slide but DH digitized it and I enlarged it and drew me a pattern! I have been hankering after doing something with it for ...about 44 years! I have decided to make a rough prototype and try out some techniques on it. If I LOVE it, it will be 12" x 12" so I shall put it aside for next year's SAQA Auction. I used the Peony Centre this year. Hope they like it!
In case you forgot, The Peony Centre piece, 12" x 12"

I have already scoured my fabrics ( I need about a whole week of dyeing! VERY short of colour/value choice!) and chose this piece out of the centre of a pretty piece of hand dyed fabric. It is not the right colours but I think I can make this work. For the big, REAL piece I will dye a piece specifically. Also, it will be rectangular like the original photo.
My creative clutter. Cannot be sentimental about pretty pieces of fabric. I found a part I thought could work even though the original is different. I can make a piece more like the original later.
What a mess, eh! Anyway, I have cut out some foil bits to start the shimmery background and am auditioning it behind some pieces cut from various darker pieces to create the milkweed.

The story so far! This has a pretty wide border on it but it will be pruned down to 12" x 12" eventually
Nothing is set in stone just yet. For one thing , the "sun" disk in the middle will be made smaller and I will likely offset the whole composition. Just playing at this stage! I just wanted the background big enough so I could choose the sweet spot for the milkweed. It will end up 12"x12 ".

I will post this to the I have had a busy time lately so have not been posting too much. I follow everyone though . Great work going on. 


  1. I do like your beginning and lucky you to have a hubby make you a pattern.

  2. Your vision for this piece is wonderful. I have yet to be inspired for the 2014 auction...but I take encouragement from your work!

  3. Interesting subject and lovely interpretation! I like the way you develop your piece. Anxious to see the result!

  4. Very interesting to follow. It will be another wonderful piece.