Milkweed evolving- I HOPE!

I have been trying lots of different things. One thing I thought about was the lovely lens flare on the original photo- so I tried with crystal organza and Misty Fuse to replicate the effect-
The little patches are not fused yet
You can really see that they are loose here

And here they are fused
In the end, I decided that one was a photo and one was a quilt. I could not quite achieve the look I wanted on this small piece so decided to peel the little hexagons off. Thankfully, Misty Fuse lets you do that:-)

Next, I decided it was time to add the Milkweed seeds before I begin stitching. I cut them from hand dyed cotton with EZ Fuse on the back! I am praying HARD that they stay put for me. I will stitch them down - just in case!

With seeds and the original photo
I cannot wait to make this piece full sized. I will make a proper background fabric for that . This one is growing on me though.

And, finally, the piece is ready to stitch- all layered and pinned!

There we are- ready to quilt. 
I am looking forward to quilting this but tomorrow is a BIG day! It is the official opening of the show I am involved in at Homer Watson House Gallery in Kitchener. It runs 2-4 PM tomorrow ( Sunday, 27 April) and all through May , finishing 08 June . The gallery is closed Mondays. Hope you will drop by if you can. It looks like a very interesting little show!!


  1. That piece is shaping up nicely...and I agree with you about the hexies. They would have been "a bit much of a muchness" as my mother would have said. ;-) Have a great show!!!

  2. Hi, Carolynn. Lovely piece. Have fun at the show!
    best, nadia

  3. "I am staying tuned" and it is fantastic. I am sure you had fun at the show!