Same- or different??

Well, he came back the next day- or a friend did! This fellow's lower left wing was damaged but he was very photogenic and not too camera shy. I LOVE dragonflies! I felt really honoured to have him share my garden chores with me.
This is pretty close up and his injured wing does not show but look at how gorgeous he is! Must figure out what kind he is!
There he is , in all his glory. LOVE him!
We need to watch when we are out and about. Look , for sure, but above all - SEE! See and appreciate! It is such a lovely world when you pay attention! Enjoy.


  1. It is good to slow down and see around us. I love dragonflies too. I often like to draw and use them in my textile work.

  2. I love dragonflies too and we seem to get quite a few in the early evening. I love damselflies as well. I often see them at my local garden centre for some odd reason:)

  3. No dragons flies yet but I saw two bees yesterday and one was a little guy I had to google to make sure he wasn't a wasp! I'm really looking.

  4. Hi, Carolynn. Interesting photos of dragonflies. Their wings are so interesting. Btw, just LUV your peony quilt--drop-dead gorgeous!
    best, nadia

  5. Love your dragonfly and thanks for the reminder to look closely.