Layered and punctured

I have finished? the Peony top and have layered it ready for stitching and quilting. I say Finished? coz there always seems to be some other tiny fixup needed, doesn't there! In the process of pinning the layers, I have managed to puncture several fingertips and, because of that pesky 81 mg aspirin I have to take, I am in danger of leaking all over the place. That's OK. I needed a break. It is 92F at our back door in the shade . The AC is on. It is cool in here and I am enjoying a nice cold glass of water, an ice cube and a slice of lime! Tres deevine and a nice break for a few minutes.

For the benefit of the sticklers for detail out there and the uber observant, here is the top just before it was layered.

You may see no difference at all from the last posting but there are many- subtle though they are. I am an happier camper now and getting ready to fire up the Bernina and go to work.This has been a fun project but I am very ready for a change now so will try to get finished up PDQ. LOTS of other fun things in my little brain. Enjoy the weekend . For those of you in the Western Provinces, our thoughts and prayers are with you for a rapid and successful end to your misery. That is a nasty, unbelievable story. Take care all.


  1. It's beautiful:)

    It's raining here again and muggy...the flowers are happy though.

  2. beautiful! I'm sure I say it every time, but I love the detail and depth you achieve with these pieces. I want to reach out and touch it

  3. Wow, it is so beautiful and I'm just amazed at the subtleties in the colors of the petals.

  4. Wow! What else is there to say?! :-)