More gardening

Still not got the energy to get back to work but will start a bit this afternoon. However, I HAVE played in the garden a little, especially with my camera. It is a funny year! Some things are gorgeous while others are verdant and lush but flowerless . Maybe it is all the rain?

Allium christophii- it is having NO trouble blooming! This one will get cut off before it seeds or it will be everywhere!! the normal Alliums! They are rampant. The colour is a bit crazy here but I do like them at this stage.

A wild coloured geranium (pelargonium) 

...and a very quiet, but VERY promising stalk of pink Martagon lily

Same lily. I'll try to get a pic when it finally opens. The bottom few lower buds are showing pink now.

Kind of delicious as a result of incorrect White Balance !  
The same peony with correct WB , surrounded by a wild white rose.

And here is the true colour-it is peony Sarah Bernhardt, a pink geranium and Little Gold Edger hosta.

I like Sarah! I have bowlsful  of her lush blooms in the house!

Antique Damask rose, rosa Celsiana

She blooms only once but soo prolifically and such wonderful fragrance!

A lush, green corner with Variegated Solomon's Seal. I adore this plant!

The flowers of Thalictrum Aquilegifolium

Love the fluffy flowers and the foliage remains green and pretty all summer. It is a nice filler for a shady spot!
So, if I cannot find the energy to quilt, I can always stare at the garden and take pictures to work from when I DO have the energy! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our garden, June, 2013. More pictures to follow but hopefully, AFTER some quilting :-) When is open later today, I will post this and apologize for lack of needle and thread!

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