OK, maybe I DO have some energy!

I have accomplished a wee bit today after all. It is sort of "ya win some, ya lose some"! I won with my new Princeton Catalyst Wedges and my Gelli Arts plate prints. JUST EXPERIMENTS- NOT fine art! I have a great piece of embroidered poly cotton I want to try printing on now too. Stay tuned.

I sort of won with my sun printing . I did fine except-A- I did not use enough paint and B- NEVER try using Red River Cereal as a texture! The flax seeds stick like glue! Who knew???

Anyway, here are the photos for your especial delectation...

This is the painted cloth with all kinds of textured grit sitting drying in the sun. I used gritty beach sand, kitty litter, coffee and Red River Cereal.You have been warned!

The results are great except for the pallid colour and the glued on flax seeds! I intend to wash this piece and repaint and redo with deeper colour.

Here is my wipeout Gelli Print experiment- remember what I said- NOT fine art! Now I have a zillion ideas including trying to print on this nice fabric...

And, finally, and not mentioned above, I got some Deco Art Transfer Inks and tried it on cotton- WITH the base stuff- NOT so successful but I will find some polyester fabric and play some more. Here is the result-

The transfer piece I painted and ...
The print! Mind you, I WAS warned about cotton.
The little print looks like a Turner painting with the details removed , and washed in a hot, bleachy wash!

Well, maybe I will post THIS stuff on needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com instead of the garden pictures. You can look at that post too if you like . It is prettier :-)


  1. Very enlightening! Who knew about all that gritty stuff.

  2. Very pretty, that print in that last photo. You could really do some awesome skies with that method.

  3. to me, the first few look like dirty snow on a urban street... and sometimes a 'warning' may turn out better than at first thought, I like the subtle faded colours in the last sample!

  4. Warning.....recovery time from lovely family visits take longer and longer as the years go by! But I see you are full of energy already.