Back to reality

Our long awaited visit is over. The family has returned safely to Tennessee after a number of adventures including the sad and unexpected death of our daughter's car on the trip north !!! All worked out in the end, but .... We had a great visit but are really tired now. Our normally tiny family of two ( since we lost our Babe to the southland) was increased to eight for the week so it was a shock in some ways. We normally lead a VERY quiet existence. The gaiety and busy- ness was fun though. I hope they all enjoyed it!

The garden is bursting at the moment. It has some really lovely bits in it but other parts are spoiled from the excessive rain we have had recently. More forecast tomorrow!

Peonies at peak!
Morden Centennial rose and the new path

Dipladenia- never grew it before !

Another hanging basket coming along nicely

We are very pleased with our new path. It nearly killed DH and I making it!!

Closer shot of Morden Centennial. It is lovely this year.

My favourite corner :-)
I have a lot of work to do outside but also am DYING to get back to my work. I am , in fact , dying to get DYEING! Time to finish the big peony. Hope you are all enjoying families too and the nice summer weather.


  1. The garden looks lovely. I'm glad your daughter and her family had a good time even though the vehicle kicked the bucket.

  2. Lovely! But aren't those pavers heavy!