A Serendipitous Occurrence

While I was trying to do some closeup photos of Iris Siberica buds in a stiff breeze this afternoon, look who dropped in for a visit! Scrunched down on my haunches, a VERY uncomfy position for a woman of advanced years and tottering in the breeze, I snapped this lovely fellow with the zoom on my wee camera. I was SURE it would be no good , but look how well it came out! Isn't he lovely! He was VERY shy and did not stick around for me , but I did catch him and wanted to share him with all y'all (practising my "Southern" for next week!)
LOVE him! Love those tight little iris buds too. It was a glorious day today. Enjoy!


  1. What a great shot. I too love that tight iris bud. I hope you don't run into any bad weather while you're down south.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when a beautiful creature shows up for a flower photo shoot? Happens on occasion for me, and it is a real treat. Love this guy who came to see you. Hope you get to see the iris in bloom before you go south.