Quilting - at last--slowly

I have actually begun to quilt the big peony. Coming along nicely but finding the right thread is a bit tough. I needed a "white" for some of the petal edges but did not want a true white. Too stark! So, good old Superior threads did it again. Anita Zobens had two good colours. I bought, Seashelly and Canvas, both from the Masterpiece line by Alex Anderson. The colours are perfect. I have used the pink one but not the whitish one yet. I want a tiny satin stitch and don't want to change feet and throat plate etc just yet.

This is where I am to date. I am treading softly as I saw the Dr this AM about the ring finger of my right hand "triggering" ! We both agreed that intense use of the fingers is a problem so I am glad I am past the crazy cutting stage now and down to the machine quilting.

These two are pretty similar but maybe the colour is truer in the bottom one and the focus is best in the top. That comes from an overcast day and too much haste.

I will post this on the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. At risk of boring everyone to tears I did want you to see that I AM making progress. Expect more of the same for six weeks while I try to rest this silly old hand so maybe I will get away without having to have surgery. I surely hope so. I am still recovering mobility after almost ten years since the last finger was done in 2004!

Check out WIP Wednesday on the Needle and Thread Network and enjoy the new posts there. Cheerio!


  1. Your peony is gorgeous, Carolynn! I love the colours, especially the green shadows in the outer petals.

    Your quilting is going well too! It's going to be a great piece. :D

  2. Wow , the peony is gorgeous , would love to see that up close.

  3. Oh wow!! I can't imagine knowing where to start with something like this....stunning!

  4. I won't be bored watching your progress on this one! I love to see the details of processes. It's going to be beautiful. I'm in total awe!
    Somehow I missed the Needle and Thread Network. I always watch it for it on my blog roll to join in and it never came up this week.

  5. So fantastic - and so much work in it. Slow down!!! Better for your hand.