Still no creativity, but something nice to enjoy

We are still soldiering on with our cleanup, redecorating etc so the creativity normal in this house has been put on the back burner. I am VERY frustrated but am VERY happy to be getting some of these things done. As today was such a gorgeous day and as DH had indoor work to do- one man work, no wifey required, I went out into the garden to work . It is a HUGE job every spring, cleaning up after the winter. It seems to get harder every year. The garden is no bigger. Wonder what the problem is ? ;-) Surely I am not the problem!! Anyway, there are lots of nice things coming in the garden so in lieu of art, here is garden. Enjoy! (Especially elle in MB because I suspect she has very little spring yet!)
A little renegade anemone blanda in the lawn!!!

My prized "black hellebore"- looking very blue. It is blue black.

Daffies above and below 

The squirrels still bite the tops off even though the daffy are SUPPOSED to be poisonous. Someone should tell the squirrels!

Forsythia. It is on our neighbour's side of the fence but we get the benefit

Magnolia Soulangeana HAS to be THE hardest flower to photograph- especially in a stiff breeze!

A spotted pink hellebore

Nice deeper spotted pink one

This plant is magnificent, VERY hard to get the colour right though. It is silly to take garden pics in the brilliant sun.

Tarda tulips and Muscari and Scilla- perfect spring picture, too bad it is not better focussed :-(

I went out again to try to get a better shot of the Tardas but they were closed for the evening as they were out of the sunshine. I will try to get a good pic of them tomorrow. There are millions in a huge swathe!


  1. Ah,thanks! Very grey here but at least it isn't raining or snowing. I wish I could grow hellebores. They are exquisite. Forsythia buds die back to snow level. Tardas, muscari and squilla I can grow. No tulips peeping but I do see hints of the others and a snow drop also.

  2. I'm planning the big garden clean-up here this weekend. For once the weather isn't promising rain on a bank holiday!

  3. Now those photos show creativity like no others. Working on my garden this week, and watching the perennials begin to peek through the earth. New birth and true beauty!