Major progress

I have made some good headway today. I cut and placed the anthers a couple of days ago and today, I painted and placed the stamens to see how it all looked and IF it fit! It looked happy to me and it did fit so tonight , I have fused it all in place.
Here are the anthers set in place , ready to be fused.

Here are the stamens being painted. Easier and less wasteful of paint to do it this way.

Another layer of colour added

Tomorrow, I will work on the carpels. I will have to dye some velvet for that and then cut, turn  and place them properly. That will be a fiddly job but it will finally tell me what else needs doing. I KNOW I need some more contrast here and there and some detail work but I need to see all of the basic colour in place before I go further. This is a big, intense job but I am enjoying it. Our Peonies are absolutely BURSTING this year! They are enormous and I am HOPING they will hold off till our daughter and family arrive for a visit in early June. Fingers crossed!

This is where we stand just now. Not a great picture but the colour is closer to true in this one. The green in the top centre of the anthers is very garish though in the picture. It is subtler in real life!
Now I have to do the work on the centre piece. That may be tomorrow's job. I will see when I get up.Meanwhile, Happy Quilting!


  1. My goodness. You must really have to like all this detail! very nice and totally worth the effort. good for you! My peonies and about three inches tall! lol

  2. the detail you are re-creating is incredible! What is the overall size of this piece, and just how small are those fiddly little stamens? I am so loving watching this come to life.

  3. I find this quite amazing! It's stunning!

  4. It is so interesting how you are working and to see the results. And I am learning new words: Carpel, stamens...

  5. What an amazing amount of detail and the variation of the colours on the petals is amazing. Love it:)

  6. Wonderful detail and so delicate! Love it!