Aches and pains and a peony!

The aches and pains were really worth the effort

Almost back to normal- and not before time!

We have done it! Bruises and aches and pains aside, the  the living room is livable and the dining room awaits diners- or, in my case, a quilter! I am going to start a new piece very soon. Cannot WAIT! I have really been suffering withdrawal.
This is the peony photo I am going to work from. It was a small piece of this picture that I used for my little foot square piece of just the centre. I kept looking at it and thinking the whole ( or MOST) of the flower would be fun to do now. I have no time just yet but soon. Meanwhile, I will need to do some more dyeing. I need LOTS of pale pinks and a few more yellows and I think I will do a bit of velvet for the centre bits. I am SOO excited to be starting to work again. Right now though, dinner beckons so I am off . Hello to everyone. I have neglected my Blog for a bit but I am back now. It feels great!

Before I get too carried away though, I must do some more housework- mainly dusting EVERYTHING! It is covered in plaster dust! The garden looks horrible too so there may have to be a bit og gardening done as well. I can think of worse ways to spend a few days or parts thereof!


  1. It looks lovely:) I painted our living room the week before about pressure.

  2. I just saw your comment on my blog and thank you for it. And came now to yours to see your wonderful living room freshly painted. I see your grandfather clock - we have the same. (at least from the distance). I can see the piano and an Ikea easy chair (we too). And how wonderful that you are so enthusiastic about a new work. I will accompany you!

  3. Kit is the time of year when we have work to do inside and out and our time is even more divided. It's nice to get out in the garden though.
    I so ad more that you dye your fabrics! I think you're right about the velvet piece. It will be a lovely project.

  4. A velvet bit in the centre. Sounds lovely. Yes, inside, outside and play time. Never enough time. Ready, setty....