Has anyone else had the problem on Blogger where you post photos and then cannot get the cursor to go back where it should be so you can continue typing text? What a nuisance!! It kept making little blocks of text so I just posted and started a NEW post ! Lucky you. TWO posts by me in one day. Egad!!

Anyway, I worked some of the detail of light and shadow of this big ol' peony and it is beginning to make some sense.
These bits are just sitting on the top, not fused yet. LOVE my digital camera at this stage to let me see the what things look like. This is the WRONG colour entirely!

Better colours but that pesky wire got in the way. You can see I have done only a bit on three petals but it begins to make sense.
I got one final picture of the piece as it now stands. Everything you see is now fused and ready for the addition of more detail tomorrow. I have started the "experiment with the paints and Fibre Paste on the Reemay scraps. Stay tuned! Here is the quilt top as it is currently.

The colour is not accurate but you get the idea. The colour of the one above this is better.

OK, 'nuff for now. Moving right along! Enjoy the fireworks :-)


  1. If you right click on the photo (in the edit mode) it should bring up an editing dialogue box that offers you sizes and alignments.

    Try various alignments and you should find the text moves around relative to the picture.

    I need to go back to the editor and play now, so that I can check what else it can do!

  2. I've had that problem and even trying the various alignments didn't work. What I had to do was type up the whole post and insert the pictures afterwards.

  3. I type my bit then add a picture then continue typing. If I really have problems I go into the HTML tab and fool around until I get what I want.

  4. I'm liking your progress! I'm like Mary Ann - if I'm really having issues with where and how things are appearing, I go into the HTML and sort it out there.

  5. It's going to be glorious!

  6. If you are talking about the blogger on iPad - I have this problem, too. I can't add text under the next picture. I did not find out until now. But I will try what MorningAJ says. I love your pink colours - the peonies are really like that. Mine are not open yet. Too fresh - better: cold - for them.

  7. I try to get all my typing done, then import photos, add captions, and then try to make everything work. Yes frustrating, google is so smart, but they can't make that part easy for us! I've never used the html thing. I do resize my photos to small, on the left or right side of the text page, then move my text around until I get it right. Do a preview to see if I have it the way I want. Love that peony, great detail and colours.

  8. The peony is looking great - love the colors!