Progress is being made :-)

Yay! I am finally getting somewhere! I have about 1/4 of the bloom to finish and then the detail starts. So far, so good, I THINK! The Great Reveal will happen - likely tomorrow- when I remove all of the freezer paper. Wish me luck!
Most of the base fabric patches attached . LOTS more detail to come!
I am going to try an experiment! Remember, you heard it first here! I have cut and made my stamens fusible, as you know. I intend to paint them with a variety of yellows, golds and oranges depending on where they are in the picture. But THEN- I want texture ! I have bought a jar of Golden Fibre Paste . It dries to a flexible, textured surface so I HOPE I will fuse then sew the orangey patches down and then apply some of the Fibre Paste,work on the stamen texture , let it dry then paint it. I WILL try a "dry run" before I do it on the quilt, never fear. So, stay tuned and see what happens. This will be my very last procedure with this quilt, after quilting, binding, adding label and sleeve etc. THEN, the Fibre Paste- assuming the trial run works to my satisfaction.

I have been needing a VERY VERY pale pinkish fabric for the real highlights on this piece. Procion dyes are really really potent!!! I cannot describe to you how much water and how very little dye I used to make what I HOPED would be a very very pale pink. I now own some pale pink- quite a bit of pale pink - BUT NOT A LOT OF VERY VERY PALE PINK!!!!! I DO think it will work though. I can always intensify what meets the highlight so there is sufficient contrast.

Once I finish the petal patches, next job- the velvet centre, that starry shape that is blank in the middle. Keep watching! Take care and have a grand weekend. It is Victoria Day! 

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  1. yay for Victoria! I'm holding my breath in anticipation!!!