Thursday, 2 May 2013

More Garden- a very special night

There is a day or two every spring which is my FAVOURITE day or two in the year. It is that magical time when the tiny leaf and flower buds on the trees burst just enough to show colour. At sunset, the world is draped in gold, chartreuse and bronze lace , all backlit by the setting sun. Our friend, elle, in Manitoba, craving spring asked me to try to get a picture of this if I could. It is almost too late tonight , but I did go out and get a shot across the back yards north of us with the sun shining through that lace. As well, I got a couple more hellebore pictures that show the colour of my two favourites, even though it was hard to get good focus. Bear with my , for the sake of elle and maybe Margaret in AB who likely  has little spring too.
Better colour for red hellebore

Better colour for black hellebore

Not the best picture but I shall try to remember to do it again tomorrow night at a better time


  1. That first flower! whoo! What a lovely setting you have! Thanks, Carolynn. :) I can almost smell spring.

  2. Oh my they are so beautiful! It's too early or any of that here too. I've seen some crocuses and my tulips are almost ready to open. I wonder if we can grow hellebores here. They are so pretty.

  3. Our forsythia opened yesterday...for me that's the first sign of spring in our garden every year. I've never grown hellebore...they look lovely:)

  4. Thank you for that touch of spring. Everything here is just in the bud stage; seeing full blossoms is a delight!

  5. Wonderful blossoms and exquisite how you caught them.