End of a long day

It is Victoria Day Weekend. We celebrated by getting two of our chairs down from the garage and sitting on the porch to eat our dinner and watch the WILDlife! Hilarious!!! I worked on the peony detail some today and dug out old, crowded, messy looking alliums at the front of the house. Himself seeded and patched the lawn and worked on a clock.It was a day well spent!

The view from my chair at dinner. Everything is young and small. Give it time! That lilac was wonderful :-)

One of our little red squirrels! VERY entertaining watching him try to hide a nut on the end of a spruce bough!

Silly little duffer! A cardinal found the nut and flew off with a smile on his face!


  1. I agree -- lovely garden indeed. Tough to be indoors much these days, except when rain threatens! Silly squirrel!