Little shopping trip and a few extras

Needed a couple of things at the grocery shop this morning so we went to Waterdown, ON along my favourite local road. I have been watching the Virginia Creeper and the Wild Grape along there for weeks waiting for the right amount of colour change. ALMOST there today so I took a few pictures. One of these days, you may see one of these done in fabric:-)
I really like the chartreuse leaves against the slatey blue of the little grapes. The fruit is PROLIFIC this year!

I also like the flat blue with the shining red leaves of the Virginia Creeper.

Shot into the sun on a breezy morning but what a glorious brocade of colours!

Love this but I would tone down the emerald green background to a softer, yellowish green.

How do you like the little grapevine hoop!!
I also photographed a most marvellous hydrangea given to my Aunty at Easter. Here are a few photos I did of it. ALSO quilt material!
Am I having fun??

You betcha!

Isn't this colour amazing!!
I have LOTS to keep me busy now. I am quilting the Gloriosa and will post some pictures later this afternoon on this post when I add it to the posts on the I will just add the Gloriosa pics at the end as you have seen the quilt recently. I AM enjoying some VERY heavy thread painting. Hope YOU like it too.

As promised, here are a few pics of Gloriosa at her current state, partly thread painted. L O N G way to go to finish but this is a start!
A few shots of the thread painting to date. 

Just starting on the big bloom.

The petals on the smaller bloom.

Centre of the smaller one...

...and the whole, untrimmed piece this afternoon waiting for me to get some energy to finish the stitching on the rest.

NOW it will go to Needle and thread network!


  1. what a great way to capture the colors of fall ...... I'll have to take a few pictures this season as well.
    thanks for the ideas. and sharing your wonderful works
    in stitches

  2. Fierce cold wind blowing so I doubt we'll have many leaves left. Yours are lovely!

  3. This is one of the best times of the year for colour, eh? (Of course, having 4 seasons, we could say that at least 4x a year -- even in winter!) And those hydrangea! (We don't have 'em here in the prairies of Central least, not that I've seen.) WOW! That goes for the work you are currently doing on 'Gloriosa' -- also a WOW!

  4. I love all your photos! Lots of fodder there.
    As always, your pieces amaze me! The colors are so perfect andd all the thread painting is wonderful.

  5. Stunning thread work and I love all the photography too. This is such a great time of year for all the wonderful colours and shapes.

  6. Really beautiful photos full of inspiration. I love how the Gloriosa is developing...absolutely gorgeous:)

  7. I am drooling over the colours in your grape photos!! Great thread work too.

  8. Beautiful talented with a camera and thread

  9. Gorgeous fall colours and photos and your thread painting is fabulously done.